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        About TMB

        Chengdu Tianma railway bearings Co. Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of the Department of Pegasus shares, by the Zhejiang Tianma bearing Limited by Share Ltd.

        • 50years

          Production Experience

        • 1800Num

          In-service staff


        R & D Strength

        R & D Strength


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        Our Business

        Chengdu Tianma Railway Bearing Co., Ltd. products are widely used in rail transportation, wind power, ships, ports, metallurgy, electrical machinery..



        Our Products

        Wind turbine bearing


        Wind turbine bearing is a kind of special bearing, which has bad environment, high maint...

        Wind turbine gearbox bearing


        Widely used in conveying equipment, chemical equipment, environmental protection machine...

        Slewing bearing of wind power


        Wind turbine slewing bearing is an extra large bearing, which is mainly used in pitch an...

        Railway bearings


        Application drive system in railway industry

        Wind power gearbox

        The gearbox of wind turbine is an important mechanical component. Its main function is t...

        Short cylindrical roller bearing

        Rolling element is the centripetal rolling bearing of cylindrical roller. The internal s...
        Sales Network
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